With this Ring: Innovative Bands for Contemporary Brides & Grooms

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While there are some ring styles and diamond cuts that will always be popular among those getting married, there has never been more style and variety of wedding and engagement rings.  Special rings—particularly bands of marriage—deserve to be celebrated and mentioned in a personally customized wedding script, too.

Between my creative brides and grooms and the increasing number of gay couples that I serve, I have enjoyed a renewed interest in not only engagement rings, but wedding bands.  For many gay couples, who have been together for years and only now are able to marry, their wedding ceremony will include a rededication of rings that they have been wearing for some time.  This ritual provides another point at which to remind the guests that we are not merely celebrating a couple’s future, but their strong past, too.

For many recent couples I have been struck by the creativity of their engagement rings and bands.  For instance, two stylish grooms selected the Tiffany “Love” bands, which were fashioned after the familiar Tiffany bracelets of yester-year…..the runs that were locked for good and required a key to be taken off.  Remember?

For another innovative couple, the designer bride took ring creativity to an entirely new level when, after taking classes in jewelry design, she made the bands for herself and her beloved!

Enjoy some innovative wedding bands created by artisans featured in the book 500 Wedding Rings:  Celebrating a Classic Symbol of Commitment (New York:  Lark Books, 2007).  Above photo by Jerry Lacay.

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