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Over the years, I’ve had couples with all types of engagement rings and wedding bands. Engagement rings range from traditional solitaires (think Tiffany platinum) to rings with colored stones.  Yellow-white-rose gold….all are choices of my couples, over the years.

My couples have selected vintage rings and family heirlooms.  Many contain sweet inscriptions, of course, too.  A recent Star Wars-loving couple, had movie inspired etchings on their wedding rings!  I’ve had couples with matching bands—and even one couple who took a class to learn how to make their own!  The bride, a fashionable accessories designer was inspired by a New York Times article highlighting jewelry workshops, A Wedding Ring Experience, where couples learn the basics of melting, milling, bending, sawing, soldering, shaping and polishing rings!

While listening to NPR the other morning, I was introduced with yet another wedding band options—plastics/silicone!  At first blush, I found the idea silly (and much beyond the rather high-browed “All Things Considered” program).  But after listening to the piece, I could actually see the benefit of a $24.99 wedding band.  According to Brighton Jones, one of the co-founders of Enso rings, “[We pitched] them to weightlifters, to nurses who don’t want to rip their latex gloves and to lovers of the great outdoors like.” Having recently become friendly with a rock-climbing enthusiast, I could see how a person—not wanting to lose or damage a precious wedding band—might choose this option as a sign of one’s beloved.  Some might select a silicone ring as a back-up to a more traditional band, others choose to wear them all the time.  The Enso rings have become quite popular with the non-traditional set!


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