Variety is the Spice of Life

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For many contemporary brides and grooms, one of the key aspects of the reception party is lots of food and drink. Indeed, a favorite photo op of the wedding is the bride and groom sharing a champagne toast and bite of cake. But many cultures actually have a food sharing element in the wedding. The sharing of wine in the ceremony is familiar to a number of faith and cultures, but consider food sharing rituals from other traditions.  Here are just a few examples:

Greek: Often a Greek-inspired wedding may end with the bride and groom sharing honey and walnuts, representing sweetness and fertility. Sometimes the walnut is broken into four parts representing the bride, groom, and their respective families. Indonesian: From those of this tradition, the couple shares rice seasoned with the spice turmeric, with rice expressing prosperity and fertility and the turmeric representing everlasting love. Moroccan: At the end of the ceremony the guests shower the couple with figs, dates, and raisin, as signs of fertility.

Scottish: At the end of the ceremony, Scottish couples drink from the Quaich, usually a cup that is a family heirloom. The container represents the couples families, ancestors and bloodline.

Africa: Some parts of Africa have a “partaking of spices” in their ceremony. Four small bows are filled with the elements of life: lemon juice for sorrow, vinegar for bitterness, cayenne papper for passion, and honey for sweetness.

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