These Shoes are Made for Walking (Down the Aisle)

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Back in the day, (that would be when my friends got married) there didn’t seem to be much variation in wedding footwear. The bride usually wore white pumps or maybe sandals, the groom sported black conservative shoes appropriate with a suit or tuxedo, and the bridesmaids wore neutral shoes. For the “matchy matchy” brides (I probably would have fit into that category….), bridesmaids had shoes dyed to coordinate with their dress.

Well in the post Sex and the City world, where outfits are built around striking shoes, footwear is just another opportunity to show personal style. In a good many cases, my brides are sporting sexy colored pumps or strappy sandals under a more conservative dress. The photographers, of course, will get those requisite artistic shots of a hiked up gown revealing snazzy shoes. Likewise. Grooms are kicking off their father’s business wingtips in favor of their own preferences. In the case of casual outdoor weddings, grooms may well wear sneakers….preferably of a vintage look.

 At one of my recent weddings, shoe style was front and center. With themed colors of black and bright sunshiny yellow, the bridal party wore short black dresses and yellow sandals. The bride, dressed to the nines, had sky high yellow shoes, despite a challenging processional which included cobblestone steps in the park. But, it was the men’s shoes that won the prize in my book. From the littlest ring bearer to the groom all wore black high tops. Emblazoned on the side (in yellow of course) it read “NYC 2011.” The couple, after all was eloping from California.

To all of this I say—“You go Girl” (and Boy)!

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