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I recently had a chance to visit with Brynn Hudson, a Custom Jewelry Designer in the New York area, to ask a few questions about the special role of personal adornment on your wedding day:

Why do your brides find it so important to have custom designed jewelry for their weddings? What sorts of brides become your clients? I find that it is so important for brides to have custom designed jewelry because their wedding day is one of the most special days of their lives. In accordance with that sentiment, their wedding day is not only a time that, of course, they want to look their best, but also a time for them to shine and to be wearing something that will make them feel as special and different as this important day. Each woman has a unique vision for how she wants to look and feel on her big day and, in addition to her gown, the jewelry that she chooses to wear plays just as important a role in helping her to attain that look and in feeling as if she not only is, but also looks as if she is the star of the party. The sorts of brides that become my clients are woman who are looking to make a statement with their jewelry on their wedding day. They usually have a love for elegant, bold designs and want the jewelry they wear on their big day to be more than just an accent to their gown. 

What is the process you go through in designing pieces for these celebrations? What special materials, gems, or techniques do you use in the process? When designing bridal pieces, first and foremost, I communicate with the bride to get a feel for what sort of jewelry she is interested in wearing on her wedding day. Then, working within my design aesthetic and with the materials I use in my designs, we come up with a piece(s) that is specific to her style and the look she is trying to achieve. The materials I use in these pieces are silver (sterling or sterling silver plated), crystal, and crystallized pearls. 

What advice would you recommend to a cost conscious bride who might like to pursue custom work for her wedding?  The advice that I would give to a cost conscious bride is to choose a designer that creates pieces that look decadent, but come without the price tag. For example, I have a silver plated line that has the exact decadent look and feel of my all sterling line, but due to the materials I use to make it, costs a fraction of its all sterling counterpart. In addition, another way to stay within the wedding budget is to choose jewelry that is bold so that she can make a statement by wearing only a pair of earrings and a bracelet and enables her to forgo having to wear a necklace, an often more costly piece of jewelry to purchase. 

How would you describe your artistic style?  Brynn Hudson Jewelry is a chic, exquisite jewelry collection that provides a unique and decadent approach to silver without the price tag. The collection of brynn hudson bracelets, necklaces and earrings focuses on simple construction and bold statements. Each piece’s unique, yet, full, rich look is striking and unusual, while at the same time graceful and elegant. The thought process behind each brynn hudson design is to create a beautifully crafted, eye-catching piece. By juxtaposing curvilinear movement with contrasting industrial and organic silver elements, an Art Nouveau sensibility is translated into all pieces. Channeling an ‘artist/architect’ aesthetic, the collection of brynn hudson bracelets, necklaces and earrings focuses on simple construction and bold statements.

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