(Semi) Homemade Memory Book…Made with Love


semi homemade

Celebrity Chef, author, and “First Girlfriend” of New York State Sandra Lee has made famous the term “semi-homemade.”  In books and on the food network she promotes recipes of partially pre made items, couple with homemade additions.  Hopefully this include quick, relatively easy dishes that have a home cooked feel for time impoverished cooks.

I borrowed the concept from Ms. Lee in making a gift wedding album for a recent couple.  Understanding that many couples prefer digital photographs to share memories of their special day, I wanted to create an old-style album with actual pages (meeting archival standards, of course), I started with a beautiful album from my favorite paper, craft, and gift store Lees Art Store.  On the cover, I added a truly beautiful swan-inspired card from another delightful paper store Il Papiro   the upper east side.

On each page, I added “ephemera” that I collected over the years….cut outs from vintage cards, bits of vintage jewelry, old coin and stamps, and more.  It is certainly not a “perfect” volume, but it is filled with affection and gratitude.  Hopefully it will provide a home for some favorite snapshots of their New York elopement.

Please enjoy photos of the hand-crafted pages below:


About the Author

As a professional ceremony officiants I believe in the power and effectiveness of ceremony and ritual to serve basic needs, both of society and you as an individual. In close collaboration with you and your loved ones, I love to create and perform personalized ceremonies that reflect your beliefs, your philosophy of life, and your personality.

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