NYC or Bust!

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For quite some time, I was under the impression that “Destination Weddings” were usually in warm weather, resort locations. Or perhaps they were in exotic international locations such as the famed Lake Como in Italy. However, I have come to learn that New York City has become an extremely popular place for couples from around the world to marry. NYC is particularly popular with folks from England and Australia, but I have been privileged to work with couples from Scotland, Northern Ireland, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, France, Mexico, and Norway, among others….plus brides and grooms from dozens of American states.

Every couple, of course, has a special story to tell—about their romance as well as their decision to marry in New York. But I am particularly intrigued when individuals in the wedding “business” decide to elope to the Big Apple, skipping a large ceremony, representing the heart of their professional work. I was captivated to work with one such wedding planner from Florida. Lisa Stoner is a superior wedding coordinator and event planner who journeyed to New York with her beloved Jeffrey (who is also in the wedding business!) and her two young daughters. On a crisp March day, we had a sweet wedding ceremony in Central Park—the “Imagine” mosaic, specifically.  Below, you’ll find Lisa’s thoughts on her decision to elope to New York. The slideshow includes shots from her own blog, for E-Events. Thanks, Lisa and all for a wonderful wedding memory.

The main reason for Jeffrey and I deciding to elope, was to keep our sacred “moment” as intimate as possible with just is and the beautiful girlies. We wanted to savor every moment and detail, and we both mutually feel that we did! With the both of us being in the wedding industry was also a factor. Having a wedding {big or small} here where our main office is would have surely turned into a “circus.” As it turned out, upon our return from our elopement we were inundated with professionals and colleagues campaigning to do a post-elopement party, photo shoot, etc… Our suspicions were confirmed! We made the right decision on so many levels …

Photographs courtesy of Nathan and Jensey Root, Root Wedding Photography.

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