Love Will Find A Way

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With Hurricane Irene arriving in the middle of “high wedding season,” I am certain that many couples are facing disappointment this weekend.  However for some with steely resolve and just a little bit of luck, the show is going on. 

This morning, I made my way to the iconic Brooklyn Bridge for a 25th wedding anniversary vow renewal of Britons Anna & Bobby.    The two are obviously adventurers at heart, having made their wedding promises in the Seychelle Islands in the Indian Ocean.  We met at 10 a.m., just before the rains started, but the air was heavy with the promised hurricane to come.  The exceedingly cheerful couple had confidence that the remainder of their trip would be wonderful, even if they were delayed getting back home early next week. 

I am delighted that I was able to participate in their ceremony, and especially liked the fact that they allowed me to video tape a greeting for their loved ones at home.  Congratulations!  Here’s to many more happy years of marriage and memories.

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