Love NY Style: 102 Stories Above Manhattan

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New York is filled with iconic spots—but no place says breathtaking romance more than the Empire State Building. The scene of memorable cinematic moments in An Affair to Remember and Sleepless in Seattle, it was the recent location of the nuptials of Tennesseans Celia and Chris.

The couple oozed Southern charm and felt strongly that they wanted to be married atop the building on March 29, as it was the anniversary of their first date. Specifically, they were waiting for the stroke of midnight, when the calendar would roll over to their special days, when they could make lifetime vows.

As weddings are not properly sanctioned on top of the building, our group (the couple, myself and photographer Laura Pennace) was cautious and, dare I say, a little sneaky as we set up shop for the wedding. We staked out our spot and Laura started prepping her camera for the evening’s festivities. I, meanwhile, readied my script. ( I brought a standard flashlight in order that I could read the ceremony, but it was nearly confiscated as I went through security, so I opted for the flashlight app on my phone.) Despite all of our rushing to get to the observatory and find an area for our ceremony, the actual wedding was quiet and private and relaxed.

The usual high points of vows and ring exchanges and special loving glances took place under the starry skies of Manhattan and the spectacular views of Gotham City. This would be a dream come true for anyone, but especially two lovers from the South. I’ve no doubt that we all shared a memory that will last a lifetime. Congratulations Celia & Chris. May you be blessed with many wonderful years together and countless happy memories. Come back to New York, again and again!

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