I offer myself to you

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I , ______________, offer myself to you ___________,
To be your wife/husband,
Your friend, your lover and your lifelong companion;
To share my life with yours;
To build our dreams together,
To support you through times of trouble,
And rejoice with you in times of happiness;
To treat you with respect, love and loyalty,
Through all the trials and triumphs of our lives together.
This commitment is made in love,
Kept in faith, lived in hope, And eternally made new.”

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As a professional ceremony officiants I believe in the power and effectiveness of ceremony and ritual to serve basic needs, both of society and you as an individual. In close collaboration with you and your loved ones, I love to create and perform personalized ceremonies that reflect your beliefs, your philosophy of life, and your personality.

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  1. Megan Martin February 8, 2012 at 12:31 am · Reply

    I don’t understand the last line of the vows I OFFER MYSELF TO YOU. The last line reads “Kept in faith, lived in hope, And eternally made new”. To me it suggests that the vows are said with fingers crossed (in faith and hope) that it works out. Would you please advise how this is suppose to be read? Thank you so much!! Megan

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