Five Minutes with NYC Photographer Ryan Trupp

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I was recently invited to participate in a fun “bridal showcase” hosted by the 3 West Club in Manhattan.  Among the interesting people that I met that evening was NYC photographer Ryan Trupp.  I asked him a few questions that I have heard from my brides and grooms.

How would you describe your approach to wedding photography?

I would say my approach begins with getting to know the couple. Every couple is different which is what makes my job so exciting. The better I know the couple, the more custom tailored I can make my approach to their wedding photos, and the more meaningful those pictures are to them. I also shoot a lot of candid shots throughout the day. I believe the strongest photo is the one where the genuine joy and love the couple has for each other comes through without any prompting by me, the photographer. If the couple is relaxed and naturally having fun, it always comes through in the pictures. I do take some staged shots depending on the situation, and if I can tell the couple is feeling shy or awkward in front of the camera I’ll help them out with ways they can feel more comfortable. But my emphasis is on capturing the moment, however it naturally unfolds and those are always the images which receive the strongest response.

If a couple asked you for two or three suggestions of interesting locations for wedding photographs (familiar ones—or not), what might you recommend? Can you mention any particular venues that you have found to be outstanding for wedding portraits?

I am often asked for my opinion on possible locations for photos. I like to start by asking if there are any specific locations which happen to be meaningful for the couple. Did he propose in Central Park or did you have your first date in an interesting restaurant? These can be the most meaningful spots, but if the couple has nothing specific in mind, the sky is the limit for this city. Pictures from the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn Bridge give a wonderful view of the Manhattan skyline, the Highline Park on the west side is a wonderful play on nature verses city, whereas choosing to shoot on the streets of Soho or the East Village gives the possibility of some great urban shots. Of course, Central Park is always a wonderful possibility. On the one hand the park has some beautiful views of the city in the background and you can still get that iconic New York City look. But, depending on where we shoot, it can also look like a quiet forest or open field without a soul around. When it comes down to it, as a wedding photographer I am interested in capturing emotion which can happen anywhere; the background doesn’t make the picture, the interaction of the couple in front of that background does.

As someone who works in the “wedding business,” I have become a little overwhelmed visiting the websites of photographers. What are the key factors that a couple should be looking out for on a website to spot a really special photographer who stands out in the crowd?

I believe, out of all the other people the couple will work with on their wedding day, the photographer is the person they generally spend the most time with. And that photographer is responsible for documenting that day and preserving those memories. The cake will be eaten, the music will be danced to, but the pictures will be around well after the party has ended. Looking at the photographer’s work, the couple should feel some kind of connection. The approach or the style of pictures should be something they like and appreciate. But I also believe the initial meeting with the photographer is just as important as those portfolio pictures, if not more so. This is when the couple decides if this is a person they can trust to spend the day with while providing that artistic documentation. I believe it’s that photographer’s job to not only take those pictures but also help everyone look their best. And no one will look their best if the photographer is causing added stress.

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