Brooklyn Botanic Garden

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While Central Park is certainly the most popular garden location for New York weddings, but other boroughs have fantastic venues for your consideration.  Yesterday, I officiated a wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.   This garden provides an economical option for   weddings with various size guest lists.  And, unlike most sections of Central Park, one may secure space, before the Park opens, allowing for complete privacy. 

The garden locations are described in detail on the Brooklyn Garden’s website. 

There are many delightful settings to choose from, including the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden, with its magical mirrorlike waterscapes, cloud-pruned maples, and waterfalls; the Cranford Rose Garden, where tens of thousands of fragrant roses bloom in summertime; and the Osborne Garden, with its classical architecture, cascading fountain, and stately procession of crabapple trees and azaleas. Celebrate your wedding at Brooklyn Botanic Garden and create an exquisite event that will be f1orever treasured by all those who attend.

Enjoy photos from several ceremonies over the last two years!  

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