Belvedere Castle: Fit for a Royal Wedding


The Belvedere Castle, one of the grandest and oldest locations in the Park, was built in 1865–and it is a favorite wedding location of brides, young and old.  The Castle is located in the middle of the Park around Seventy-ninth Street.  Perched atop Vista Rock, this venue offers sweeping views of the Park, including the Delacorte Theatre, Turtle Pond and the Ramble. 

The Belvedere Castle was designed at the end of the Civil War by Calvert Vaux and Jacob Wrey Mould, as a “fantasy structure.”   With its strong stone façade, grand turret and flag, the castle was a stunning attraction in Central Park.   Like many landmarks in the Park, the Castle deteriorated for some time, but it was renovated by the Central Park Conservancy in 1983.  With its grand views, stunning overlook, and beautiful staircase it makes a fabulous setting for a ceremony and breathtaking photographs, too!  In fact, the translation of the Italian word Belvedere means “beautiful,” an apt description of the location in each and every season.

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